Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 22, 2013: Interior pix!

A lot of pix to show.  We had our pre-drywall inspection, so we got so we got to see how much progress has been made inside.
Siding installation has begun!  Don't you love the beautifiul yellow?  Just kidding - this will get painted (but the color is a surprise)

Notice the big tree missing from the right side of the house?

Garage building has been stalled, due to minor height discrepancies.  Nothing that we will notice, so that's the good news!

Here's the front of the house...front porch to come...

This is the back of the house, with a nice covered porch

This is our living room.  We are checking out the backyard.

The can see the vent hanging down, where our cooktop will be.  And the pipe coming up from the floor will be an island with sink and dishwasher

Hallway leading to front door.  Kitchen is to the right.  Look at that huge pantry through the kitchen leading to the dining room in front!  On the left you can almost make out the powder room, just below the staircase

This is our 1st floor guest room....we can't wait for visitors!

1st floor guest bath...anyone up for a soak?

 Dining room
Staircase headed upstairs

Master bedroom, closet and bath

 Master bedroom overlooking the backyard

Another living room shot

Home, sweet home!

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