Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013: It's starting to look pretty!

Don't get me wrong, seeing an empty lot turn into a house is pretty amazing...especially when you've been houseless for over 8 months.  But, drywall is only so exciting.  And, plywood -  even less exciting.  But, tile - now the fun has started!  Ryan was able to go by the house yesterday, while he was working in Nashville, and here's what's happening:

This is the flex room, which will be Baxter's playroom.  The wood floors are all installed.  They still need to be stained and finished, but much better than plywood.

Here's one of the spare bedroom closets.  3 bedroom closets will look like this (the master is different)

Another view of our floors.

The staircase.

And the staircase again

Living room, with the newly tiled fireplace

And, a close-up of that gorgeous fireplace

The downstairs guest bath.  If you look closely, you can see the hex tile hidden beneath the protective paper.  
The upstairs bathroom.  We used the same tile combo in this bathroom.

The master shower and bath.  We used a slightly larger subway tile here.  Originally, we were going to do grey subway tiles on the tub/shower and grey penny tiles on the floor, but switched to white once we saw the price.  
Here's a peek of the penny tiled floor.  

Here's the laundry/mud room, getting some built in storage.  Good timing, since Baxter's new backpack arrived this now has the perfect home.

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