Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7, 2013: Did any work get done over the holiday weekend?

YES!!!  Although we received some discouraging news this week (our closing date is pushed back another 10 days), work has continued, even over a holiday weekend.

Check out our (almost) painted house:
What do you think?  It isn't quite what we were expecting.  We really like the color, but the trim almost looks green.  The picture below was our inspiration for choosing our front door color, but I'm not so sure about the coral door with the greenish trim...any thoughts???
Inspiration house

Garage is finishing up

A view from the back

We will get to do another walk through at the end of the week.  The drywall should be mostly completed, so these should be exciting pictures!  

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  1. I think you could still go with a coral or reddish color but you might also look at a greenish blue (seafoam or a light turquoise).